Important Timelines

"How Everything That Was Came to be"

Sometimes History can be a little hard to follow.

Something will happens here, then something else will happen there, and a few centuries later it can be a real challenge to try and put the two different events in perspective, let alone realize the significance the two things might have had on each other.

The goal in this section of the web site is to assemble innovative and accurate timelines that can show even the most casual researcher the linear path that led something to develop into what it is now.  If there is anything in particular that you would like to see mapped out into a linear timeline on this site, please take a minute to EMAIL ME and let me know.

Timeline of World Exploration
A side-by-side comparison of what important global developments were taking place while World Explorers were crossing into unknown frontiers.  This was one of my first timelines, and it is still one of my favorites.

Timeline of Christopher Columbus' Life
A timeline of the life of Christopher Columbus, tracking his major life events, all the way from birth through his four voyages to the New World.

My Own Personal Timeline
A linear progression of the Pirate King's life!
I have compiled a linear track to show others how I ended up the way I am, so that others may avoid the same fate!

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