New York Girls

As sung by Captain Jesse Schaffer

Now shipmates listen unto me, I'll tell you with my song,
Of the things that happened to me, when I come home from Hong Kong.

Then away you Santy, my dear Annie,
Oh, you New York girls, can't you dance the polka.

As I walked down beside the docks, a fair maid I did meet.
She asked me for to see her home, and she lived on Bleecker Street.

Says I my dear young lady, I'm a stranger here in town,
Left my ship just yesterday, and for Boston I am bound.

Says she if you'll come with me, then you will have a treat,
For you shall have some brandy, and something nice to eat.

When we got down to Bleecker Street, we stopped at forty-four,
An' there her twenty sisters were waiting at the door.

They gave me wine that tasted fine, but it went right to my head,
Then they threw their clothes away, and they carried me to bed.

When I awoke next morning, I had an aching head.
My clothes and all money, and my lady friends had left.

Lord, I don't miss the money, as some other sailors might,
But I wish I could remember, if I had some fun that night.

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