The Five Gallon Jar

As sung on Stan Hugill In Concert At Mystic Seaport, with the addition of verse 3, which was patterned after a verse from Shanties from the Seven Seas, also by Stan Hugill

In Frisco town, there lived a man,
Whose name was Larry Marr,
And in the days of the Cape Horn trade,
Oh, he used his big stone jar.

In the old Virginia lowlands, lowlands, low,
In the old Virginia lowlands, low.

In Larry's place, way on the coast,
There lived old Larry Marr.
Missus and Larry would prime the beer,
In that old five-gallon jar.

The pair they played the shanghai game,
Was known both near and far.
They never missed a lucky chance,
To use that old stone jar.

Now a hell-ship she, was short of hands,
Of full red-blooded tars.
Missus and Larry would prime the beer,
In that old five-gallon jar.

Shellbacks and farmers, just the same,
Strolled into Larry Marr's,
And sailed away around Cape Horn,
Helped by the five-gallon jar.

In Frisco town, their names is known,
As is the Cape Horn bar,
And the stuff they sell out to old Jack,
From the big five-gallon jar.

From the Barbary Coast keep clear me boys,
And from old Larry Marr's,
Else damn soon Shanghaied you'll be,
By Larry's five-gallon jar.

Shanghaied away in a skys'l ship,
Around Cape Horn so far,
Goodbye to all the boys and girls,
And Larry's five-gallon jar.

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