Lyrics from Songs of American Sailormen, by Joanna Colcord

Boney was a warrior,
Away ay-yah!
A warrior and a tarrier,
John Fran-swor!

Boney fought the Roo-shi-ans,
Away ay-yah!
Boney fought the Proo-shi-ans.
John Fran-swor!

Boney went to Elbow,
Boney he came back again.

Boney went to Waterloo,
There he got his overthrow.

Then they took him off again
Aboard the Billy Ruffian.

Boney broke his heart and died
Away in St. Helena.

Give her the top gallant sails;
It's a weary way to Baltimore.

Drive her, captain, drive her,
And bust the chafing leather.

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