Knot Terminology

Some Common Knot Terminologies:


a knot used for joining two ends together


a semi-circle of rope where the rope does not cross itself; also the part of the rope between the standing part and the end that can be used in tying the knot


to remove slack in the knot by drawing up the knot neatly; to make sure the knot is tied correctly, that all parts are where they should be


the end of the rope

friction hitch

a knot tied directly to the standing part, another rope, or a cylindrical object that is adjustable (can be slid) when the knot itself is grabbed and moved, but otherwise stays put (from friction) when the load is on the standing part


a knot that attaches a rope directly to an object


a circle of rope in which the rope crosses itself


to fully tighten a knot by pulling on all parts


to use a bight of rope instead of the end when finishing tying a knot; used to make untying a knot easier

standing part

the part of the rope not used in the knot itself

stopper knot

a bulky knot that is used to prevent the rope from pulling through a hole or pulley

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