Highwayman's Hitch

The Highwayman's Hitch is ideal for tying a rope to an object when you need a quick release. Just yank on the end that is not supporting the load to untie and completely remove the rope from the object it was made fast to.

Step #1

Pull a bight under the object you are tying on to. The left side is the standing part and the right side is the end. The standing part is connected to the load.

Highwayman's Hitch - Step 1

Step #2

Form a bight in the standing part.

Highwayman's Hitch - Step 2

Step #3

Pull the bight over the object and through the original bight.

Highwayman's Hitch - Step 3

Step #4

Make a bight in the end.

Highwayman's Hitch - Step 4

Step #5

Insert it through the previous bight.

Highwayman's Hitch - Step 5

Step #6

Pull the standing part to dress the knot. Then set the knot by pulling on all parts. The end is yanked abruptly to disengage the knot.

Highwayman's Hitch - Step 6

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