Constrictor Hitch

Use the Constrictor Hitch when you need to clamp a rope tightly around an object. It has a vice-like grip and is very hard to untie unless you slip the knot.


Step #1

Place the end around and behind the item you're tying the rope to.

Constrictor Hitch - Step 1

Step #2

Wrap the end around to the other side of the object, crossing the standing part.

Constrictor Hitch - Step 2

Step #3

Continue wrapping the end around the dowel so the end is parallel with the standing part.

Constrictor Hitch - Step 3

Step #4

Bring the end over the standing part and tuck it under and between the two loops.

Constrictor Hitch - Step 4

Finished Constrictor Hitch

Dress and set the knot.

Finished Constrictor Hitch

Slipped Constrictor Hitch

Since this knot cinches up so tightly, if you plan to untie it, stick a bight of rope through instead of the end. Yank on the end to disengage the knot from the object.

Slipped Constrictor Hitch

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