Clove Hitch

The clove hitch is a quick and easy knot to tie especially when you can pop it over the end of what you're tying on to. It's easy to untie even after a load has been applied.


Step #1

Make two loops, twisted in opposite directions.

Clove Hitch - Step 1

Step #2

Place the left loop under the left part of the right loop, to form a hole.

Clove Hitch - Step 2

Step #3

Pop the hole over the end of the object you're tying on to (in this case a barely-visible dowel rod).

Clove Hitch - Step 3

Finished Clove Hitch - Front View

Dress and set the knot.

Finished Clove Hitch

Finished Clove Hitch - Rear View

Dress and set the knot

Finished Clove Hitch

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