Blake's Hitch

The Blake's Hitch is an ascending knot commonly used by arborists and tree climbers in general. It should only be used on arborist rope. Used for ascending, it is also used for descending as well.


Step #1

In this picture, the black rope is what you tie the Blake's Hitch to (the standing part), and the white rope (the end) is what will be used to tie the Blake's Hitch. Place the end in front of the standing part.

Blake's Hitch - Step 1

Step #2

Bring the end around behind the standing part.

Blake's Hitch - Step 2

Step #3

Keep wrapping the end around the standing part.

Blake's Hitch - Step 3

Step #4

Make more turns.

Blake's Hitch - Step 4

Step #5

Three turns are required.

Blake's Hitch - Step 5

Step #6

Bring the end down over itself...

Blake's Hitch - Step 6

Step #7

...and behind the standing part.

Blake's Hitch - Step 7

Step #8

Insert the end through the bottom two turns. When tying the knot it is helpful to wrap the bottom two turns around your thumb, so when you arrive at this step, you can remove your thumb and poke the end through the hole where your thumb was.

Blake's Hitch - Step 8

Finished Blake's Hitch - Front View

Dress and set the knot, adding a Figure 8 stopper knot in the tail for safety.

Finished Blake's Hitch

Finished Blake's Hitch - Rear View

Rear view.

Finished Blake's Hitch

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