Sliding Sheetbend

The Sliding Sheet Bend is used for the same purpose as the Tautline Hitch, but with a quick yank of the end, it is completely untied. This is a boon for those wearing gloves or who have cold, numb fingers. Moreover, unlike the Tautline Hitch, the Sliding Sheet Bend can be "locked" in place to prevent it sliding. It can also be unlocked to make it adjustable again.

For this clever knot, I gladly give credit and much appreciation to Dr. Peter Suber, who originally came up with this knot and posted it to the Web. I learned to tie this knot using his instructions, and you can visit his website for more knots like this.

Step 1

Wrap the end around the object it is to be secured to (a spool in this picture).

Sliding Sheet Bend - Step 1

Step 2

Form a bight in the standing part, pointing away from the spool.

Sliding Sheet Bend - Step 2

Step 3

Pull the end under the bight.

Sliding Sheet Bend - Step 3

Step 4

Bring the end over the bight...

Sliding Sheet Bend - Step 4

Step 5

...and form a loop.

Sliding Sheet Bend - Step 5

Step 6

Now, form a bight in the end and stick it through the bight in the standing part.

Sliding Sheet Bend - Step 6

Step 7

If you are tying this knot flat as pictured, it helps at this point to slide the bight in the end so that it is over the loop formed earlier.

Sliding Sheet Bend - Step 7

Step 8

Pull on both ends of the bight in the standing part, removing the bight, so the standing part is straight as pictured. Keep the knot neat while doing this!

Sliding Sheet Bend - Step 8

Finished Sliding Sheet Bend

Tighten the knot, so that the standing part forms a "hump" as it passes over the bight in the end. This is what creates the friction, and the friction can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the hump (by tightening and loosening the knot).

Finished Sliding Sheet Bend

Finished Sliding Sheet Bend

This picture shows the knot having been slid further up the standing part. Note that the rope had to move around the spool in order for this to occur (like the Tautline Hitch).

Finished Sliding Sheet Bend

Locked Sliding Sheet Bend

Once you have adjusted the knot to your satisfaction, it can be locked by tightening the knot by pulling on the non-sliding parts of the knot. To unlock, loosen and flatten the knot, to reduce the hump. To untie, simply yank on the end.

Locked Sliding Sheet Bend

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