Sheet Bend

The sheet bend is very similar to the square knot, granny knot, thief knot, and particularly the bowline. In fact, the sheet bend can be tied using the One Handed Twist Method which is also used to tie the bowline. The sheet bend is very fast to tie and when slipped, is one of the easiest bends to work with. It is also useful when joining two ropes of different diameters.

Step #1

Form a bight (with the larger diameter rope).

Sheet Bend - Step 1

Step #2

Insert the second rope under and then over the end of the first rope.

Sheet Bend - Step 2

Step #3

Take the end of the second rope and bring it under the bight.

Sheet Bend - Step 3

Step #4

Bring the end over the bight, putting it under its own standing part.

Sheet Bend - Step 4

Finished Sheet Bend

Pull on both standing parts to set the knot.

Finished Sheet Bend

Double Sheet Bend

A double sheet bend is a more secure knot and can be tied by adding another wrap around the bight (that is, repeating steps 3 through 4).

Double Sheet Bend

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