Marlin Spikes & Hand Fids

The Marlinespike (or "hand fid" if made of wood) held the Most Favored Weapon status among those with mutiny on their mind.

They were pointed iron or steel hand tools carried by deck hands (Boatswain’s Mates particularly.) Normally no shorter than 6 inches and no longer than 18, marline spikes are used in various shipboard tasks including separating the strands of heavy rope lines and prying open diverse shipboard containers. Marlinespikes were also used as hammers, paint-chippers, eating utensils, tea and coffee-stirrers, and to repair sails.

Although very useful and invaluable tools for maintaining a ship in the age of sail, they also made excellent weapons. Made of hard, durable materials and fashioned to a point they hade either good blunt instruments good for cracking a skull or as an impromptu dagger.

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