The Grenadoe

(a.k.a. Smokepot, Grenade)

The precursor to the modern day Grenade, the Grenadoe was a round cast iron hollow ball roughly about the size of a soft ball or mature grapefruit. A hole would be be drilled to allow access to the interior, and then the sphere would be filled with gunpowder, grape shot, and other painful shrapnel.

The specifications of the Grenadoe were fairly inconsistent, measuring from as small as 2.5" to 4.5" diameter depending on their intended use. Some examples have a slight dimple in the bottom/side (apparently to keep it from rolling around on the deck) and maybe a 3/8ths-3/4th inch hole in the top (for the wooden dowel/fuse).

Again, the skin of the Grenadoe varies with each unique batch but in general the thickness is approximately 1/4 inch in the top half and gradually gets thicker to about 5/8" toward the bottom (most likely due to the imperfections of the casting process).

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