Tools for the Reenactor

The tools in this section are designed with
the serious historical reenactor in mind

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Step 1: Character Analysis
The process of building your believable character begins from within.  Click on the link above for a great character worksheet that can help you prevent any early character design mistakes!

Costume Guidelines
There are a few basic key choices you can make from the start that can somtimes be the key difference between an unrealistic and a believable costume.  Read these before you start!

Sumptuary Laws
Are you designing your character for a time period prior to 1600? If so, you should review the Sumptuary Laws that outlined "allowed" clothing before you begin designing your costume.

Choose Your Weapons!
There was a lot more to being a Pirate than just knowing how to swing a cutlass!  Check out this illustrated overview to help determine what would be appropriate for your character.

Nautical & Historical Terminology
Historical research is filled with arcane terminology, nuances, and endless linguistic challenges. To help I have begun compiling some (hopefully) useful pages to better emulate the language of bygone eras.

Societal Customs
A few notes I put together on the Societal behaviors of Upper Class European Male and Female Nobility during the Renaissance, as well as expectations of Peasants or Commoners:

Illustrations of Pirate Nobility Clothing
Not sure how your gentleman Pirate would have dressed in your target Historical period?  Then check out these excellent illustrations of 16th, 17th, and 18th Century examples!

Conversational phrases for your character
Add some depth to your character with these Latin, French, and Irish Gaelic conversational phrases! Sometimes something as small as a single word can be the detail that sells your character's identity!

Renaissance Era English Language Tools
Now that you have gone to such great lengths to build the perfect character and costume, it's time to make sure you know how to SOUND convincing as well.  Check out these exercises to master the differences in pronunciation in bygone eras!

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