Pirate Halloween Costumes

Because everyone knows the best dressed Pirate always goes home with the booty

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Mens Rustic Pirate Costume

Product #: 208

Their Price: $126.99

The major problem with most of the "Pirate-in-a Bag" Halloween costumes are that they are generally just clones of the old Johnny Depp POTC outfit, with or without the fake dreads sticking out.

No one seems to remember that the Golden Age of Pirate Movies was 70 years old before Mr. Depp did his first screentest as Jack Sparrow.

This "Rustic Pirate Costume" harkens back to those classic Errol Flynn / Douglas Fairbanks days of Hollywood - the days when Pirates were brazen, bold, and never wore eye shadow. Even some of the women's pirate costume I've seen are more accurate than their male counterparts.

This is a great oufit for the Renaissance Fair newbie who wants to dress up but does not necessarily drop a fortune on their first costume.  Trust me, the sky can quickly become the limit for pirate costumes!

The Really Great Stuff about this kit:
  • The vest (technically a jerkin or doublet) is loose and comfortable.  It hangs like it should and it's integration with the gauzy shirt make it easy to wear this outfit at even the hottest Renn Fest without getting too warm.  Too many costumes start piling on layer after wool without considering that no-one loves to hug a sweaty pirate.  However this outfit is light and breathable, and will keep you having fun with the friends you came with instead of meeting new ones at the heat stroke tent.

  • Okay, I admit the Scarf and Sash are a bit garish but you are dressing up as a Pirate!  When Pirates went into port or ashore they ddressed up in the brightest, loudest  gear they had.  Calico Jack Rackham actually got his name for the multicolored and discoordinated coat he always went to town in, so the bandanna and sash really ties that in for you.  Plus, the loose/stretchy weaving of the fabric helps maintain that breathability we talked about above.

  • The belt is great, it really is.  It is vinyl, but zero people are going to notice.  The thing about it is that it is exactly the kind of thing Douglas Fairbanks would have worn in The Black Pirate.  A solid quarter inch leather version of this belt with double grommeting and brass studding around will cost you $60 minimum and not be any better for the outfit.

  • Lastly - pants.  One of the hardest things to find in any Pirate outfit are a good pair of era-appropriate pants.  The challenge is that back then the pants were generally wool and without pockets.  Try finding a pair of pants in a store or even on eBay without pockets.  These are Poly, but they wil hold you reliably for a couple of years  until you find the right wool or cotton pair for your permanent costume.

  • The boot covers are great - topped with 4 inch bells they really seal the look together.

  • A free garment bag!  Most folks never think about where they are going to store their costume between wearings, but this one comes with a garment bag included to help you keep it looking its best.

All in all, if you are looking for a basic and fun pirate costume for a costume party, Halloween party, or even just a first trip into a Renn Fair, this outfit will do the job for you and will not break the bank in the process.  Have Fun!


However, if you have the extra funds and want to skip to a higher level "Pirate-To-Go" Kit, read on to our next Halloween costume recommendation...


The "Authentic Caribbean Sea Pirate" Costume

Product #: FUN0055

Their Price: $149.99

Everyone who knows me will tell you I have always HATED Halloween Pirate outfits.  Seriosuly.  I know that hate is a harsh word, but I only use it becuase linguistic scholars have failed to come up with anything harsher I can use.

However, I recently got a chance to check out their "Realistic Caribbean Sea Pirate Costume" (Product #: FUN0055) and it gave me something to think about.

Most Pirate costumes just include some cheap boot covers and a ruffled shirt.  If you are lucky, they sometimes throw in a crappy plastic sword or eyepatch. 

However, these folks have put together a kit that is actually really impressive.  It would likely not pass muster for a true reenactor or Rennfairian, but for the average joe heading to a party it is the mercedes benz of instant Pirate kits.

The Great Stuff about this kit:
  • The jacket (frock coat) is the thing that really impressed me, as a piece like this at a Renn Fair would easily be $150 by itself.  The buttons are plastic, which is disapointing, but I know from experience that a dozen brass replacements can be found on eBay for less than ten bucks, if you decide to upgrade the coat and hang onto it for post-Halloween usage. The frock is a heavy blue jacket with brown accents with has faux buttons and sewn to remain open in the front.  The sea coat has two working pockets on the hips and the long sleeves have some great over-sized cuffs as well as brown accents and slits for a signature look.

  • A blue, doublet (vest) is worn over the shirt and buttons up the front with decorative silver buttons and laced with brown accents, two working pockets on the hips and faux silver buttons that embellish the bottom.  The vest breathes extremely well, so even if you are in a crowd or really moving around you won't get overheated.

  • The kit comes with some crop, brown pants that share matching decorative buttons. These button at the waist for closure and have working pockets in the front while ties in the back add an authentic touch. 

  • A colorful yet authentically earthtoned waist sash with vertical stripes also accents the costume by tying it around the waist (over the vest but under the coat, amateurs!)

The Not-So-Great Stuff about this kit:

  • A basic (white), Renaissance-style, polyester shirt with long sleeves and button-up cuffs.  Unfortunately, it gives me the impression it would only survive a handful of wearings or washings, but I suppose for its purpose it is not bad.

  • Two black vinyl belts wrap around the waist and one has an attached sword holder.  These are the kind of cheep belts you would expect to see in a Halloween costume, so if you intend to wear this to a Renn fair or silimar you should expect to replace these at your first opportunity.

All in all, if you are looking for an authentic looking costume for a costume party, Halloween party, or even just a first foray into a Renn Fair, this thing is an excellent "instant Halloween Pirate in a bag".

However, if you are a Historical Reenactor or work at a Renn Fair, the polyester blended material might pose you some problems with your local costume gestapos, so be warned there.

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