Book Review:

The Pirate Primer:
Mastering the Language of Swashbucklers & Rogues

Author: George Choundas
469 pages
Writers Digest Books
Genre: Fact
Rating: Four stars! 4/5 Stars

The simple fact of the matter is that there are a ton of books on the market describing pirate & nautical terminology, and with those kinds of numbers it really takes an impressive book to stand out from the crowd.

The Pirate Primer is that book!

The book is designed to resemble an old leather bound journal, but is in fact a very durable hard cover volume, almost 500 pages long, and heavy. If you hit someone on the head with it you could probably kill them...

The real treasure is inside, however, where the pages also look old, torn and yellowed. And there's no wasted space at all. It's packed. Here are the chapter names from just the first section:

  1. Greetings & Partings

  2. Calls

  3. Flourishes

  4. Threats

  5. Oaths

  6. Curses

  7. Insults

  8. Epithets

  9. Respectful Address

  10. Retorts

  11. Questions & Replies

  12. Toasts & Declamations

  13. Contractions

  14. An entire chapter on the word "ARRRGGGG!!"

  15. Cultural Terms

The second part of the book is pronunciation, grammar, parts of speech, etc. It's got so much in it, I think you could really learn to convincingly speak like an actual 17th century pirate, like learning any other foreign language. (Personally, I'll settle for knowing a few hundred curses, threats and insults.)

What really makes this book stand out from the others is the fact that the author George Choundras did more than just publish a long list of phrases. By breaking down the terminology, this book helps you to really understand what you are saying instead of just spouting nautical gibberish like most wannabe pirates out there.

This book is available at pretty much every major bookstore for about $10 (US), and I highly recommend it

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