Book Review:

Guide to Pirate Parenting

Author: Tim, Bete
Length: 136 pages
Publisher: Cold Tree Press
Genre: Humor
Language: English
ISBN: 1583851275
Rating: Three Stars! 3/5 Stars

As you can see on this page, I typically do not list any books that are not specifically geared for research or reference, but this book was an easy exception to make...

In the grand traditions of Dave Barry and other great humorists, Tim Bete has put together this alarmingly insightful book on how to raise your child to be a happy and self sufficient Pirate. 

Although obviously written largely as a joke, sections like "Ten benefits of raising a pirate", "Where to maroon a disobedient child", the book gives loads of valid and certainly 'old school' parenting advice that I definitely plan on implementing with any of my future loin fruit that I may have (or that turn up).  I recommend picking up a copy for yourself or for any new parent!

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