Ralph Stout

English Pirate

Born: Unknown

Died: Unknown

In 1692 Stout was arrested in India while serving on a Pirate crew under command of James Kelley. The two men served four years in an Indian prison before they were finally able to escape by boat and make their way to Bombay.

From there, they enlisted themselves as crew members under the command of Captain Edgecumbe aboard the Mocha, but only eight days after leaving port, Stout and other members of the crew mutinied and seized control of the Mocha.

Twenty-seven of the Mocha's loyal crew escaped and reached shore safely, but Captain Edgecumbe wasn't as fortunate. The pirates bludgeoned him to death and threw his body overboard before running off with the ship and it's cargo.  Following the resounding success of the mutiny, the men elected Ralph Stout as their new Pirate Captain.

Captain Stout sailed their newly captured ship to Mergui Archipelago (southeast of Burma), where they encountered and captured a merchant ship which had recently arrested pirates Robert Culliford and others.  Once freed, many of the captured pirates eagerly joined Stout's crew.

In 1693, Stout had his ship cruise between India and the Strait of Malacca alongside the ship the Pirate ship Charming Mary. The two ships were extremely successful, plundering the booty from approximately a dozen ships during their time together. 

Ralph Stout quickly acquired (and maintained) a reputation as an extremely cruel individual.  One such accounting told of Stout having a priest viciously tortured after capturing him aboard a Portuguese ship, while another occasion told of Stout locking up the captured crew and burning them alive after having plundered their ship.

The Mocha and Charming Mary parted ways in 1697, at which time Stout chose to sail to the Laccadive Islands where he was eventually murdered.

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