John Nutt

Newfoundland Pirate

Born: Unknown

Died: Unknown

 John Nutt and his family came to came to Newfoundland in 1620 when he was serving as a gunner on Dartmouth ship.

John Nutt, his family were settled Torbay, Newfoundland, when he and others seized control of a french fishing vessel and became pirates. Soon they had commendeered two other French vessels.

After three years of piracy, Nutt requested a pardon from John Eliot, the Vice Admiral of Devon. This pardon was granted in return of a 500 pound ranson. On his return to England, Eliot betrayed Nutt and imprisoned him.

Nutt was tried as a pirate and about to be hanged when George Calvert, (a.k.a Lord Baltimore) England's Secretary of State, intervened on his behalf. It has been surmised that the reason for this interverntion may have been that Nutt and Calvert were acquaintences, having probably met in association with the Colony of Avalon, Ferryland, Newfoundland when George Calvert lived there.

Nutt received 100 pounds compensation and Eliot was imprisoned.

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