Juan de la Cosa

Spanish Navigator & Cartographer

Born: 1460

Died: 1510

De la Cosa owned the Santa Maria and captained her on Christopher Columbusí first journey to America. After grounding ship in December of 1492, he lost favor with Columbus, but later resolved issues between them and returned again on Columbusís second voyage.

In 1499, de la Cosa accompanied Spanish Explorer Alonso de Ojeda along the north coast of South America. De la Cosa prepared the first map of the world after the discovery of America, including Columbusí discoveries, Cabotís voyage to Canada and da Gamaís route to India.

De la Cosa also accompanied Ojeda on his 1509 expedition to conquer and settle present day Columbia. During the expedition Ojeda led an attack against the natives in which de la Cosa was killed by a poisoned arrow.

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