George Booth

English Pirate

Born: Unknown

Died: c. 1710

George Booth was English and the majority of his pirating took place in the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea. His career began as a gunner aboard the Pelican circa 1696. Later he was the gunner aboard the Dolphin. Both ships sailed in the Indian Ocean.

In September 1699, the Dolphin was trapped at Saint Mary's Island by a British fleet. Offered a pardon, some of the pirates surrendered, but most escaped to nearby Madagascar. Instead of letting the Dolphin fall into the hands of the British she was burned. Booth was among those who fled to Madagascar and was instrumental in the cpature of a French ship which was Madagascar to trade liquor and goods for slaves. Booth was captain of the attack and as such was in command of the captured ship.

Sometime later Booth met John Bowen and the joined forces. At Majunga, in April 1704, they took over the Speaker, a 450 ton slave ship carrying 50 guns and Booth was made her captain. Booth sailed to Zanzibar and arrived towards the end of 1710. When they went ashore for provisions they were attacked by Arab troops. Booth were killed and John Bowen was voted to replace him as captain.

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