Captain Balestrier

Majorcan Corsair

Born: Unknown

Died: c. 1742

Although Captain Balestrier had a fairly successful and lengthy career (active from 1709 to 1742) in the Mediterranean, there actually very little data recorded on this Corsair - Or at least nothing I have come across in my research.

From what little that history has recorded on Balestrier we know that he was a Corsair from the Island of Majorca that made his career by preying on the ships in the waters surrounding Egypt and Palestine and was loosely associated with the group known as the Knights of Malta, as well as a few other lesser known and more regional pirate consortiums.

If anyone out there comes up with anything more definitive on Captain Balestrier in their digging, please email me and share the info and I will be glad to give you credit for the work...

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