Captain Mansel Alcantra

(a.k.a. Captain Mansel Alcantara)

Spanish Pirate

Born: Unknown

Died: Unknown

A brutal Spanish pirate, Captain Mansel Alcantra commanded a pirate brig, the Macrinarian. From this modest ship, Alcantra wreaked havoc upon local waters.

Most notable among his captures was the local Liverpool packet Topaz, from Calcutta to Boston, in 1829, near St. Helena, where he and his crew ended up murdering the whole crew.  In the same year he took the Candace, from Marblehead, and plundered her.

As an interesting side note, when Alcantra took the supercargo ship the Candace, there was an amateur actor on board.  This actor, seeing the Pirates approaching, donned a priest's black gown and broad brimmed hat and said in his cabin pretending to tell his beads. When the Pirates came to rob him, they all crossed themselves and left him alone.  The end result was that this actor was the only passenger not robbed of their possessions.

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