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Biographies of Pirates, Privateers,
and Explorers

The names, date of birth, date of death, and biographies for nearly 200 Pirates, Privateers, Corsairs and Explorers!

Complete List of Sailing Vessels
To help those of you who may share my passion of ships & sails but may not have done much sailing of your own, I have begun compiling a list to help you to understand the differences between different types of sailing vessels.

Nautical & Historical Terminology
Historical research is filled with arcane terminology, nuances, and endless challenges. To help I have begun compiling some (hopefully) useful pages to help the beginning enthusiast to better understand and research bygone eras.

Nautical Navigation
An ever growing library describing how sailors navigated in Ancient Times using Sextants, Astrolabes, Backstaff, Compass, Compass Rose, Lead Lines, Log Lines, Cross Staff, Quadrants, Reflecting Circle, Sand Glass, Traverse Board and more...

Complete list of every Pirate movie ever made
The most complete list of Pirate movies on the internet! Includes Movie posters, Summaries, run times, release dates, and more! Currently containing over 300 entries and growing!

Pirate Music & Sea Shanties
Most of the songs in this section are the lyrics to traditional shanties, historically used by sailors to work together as a team, but recently I have begun adding reviews of modern Pirate groups as well.

Illustrated Guide to Knots
Explanations of common sailing knots, what they are used for, and illustrated guides on how to tie them.

Nautical & Pirate Weapons
Learn the tools of the Pirate Trade! Hundreds of pages on general shipboard Weapons, edged Weapons, rifles, pistols, Cannon and Naval Artillery from Various Historical Periods.

Rum University!
Rum Reviews! History of Rum!  Types of Rum! How Rum is Made!  The best Rums on (and off) the market! This section is constantly growing!

Pirate Clothing & Costumes
Want to know how to pull off a historically perfect pirate look from the 16th, 17th or 18th century?  Or maybe just want to know where to find the best Halloween costume on the market? Then check out this section!

Recommended Reading List
I get a lot of questions about what books I would recommend to people interested in Nautical History. Many of the books are available for FREE download!

Historical Documents
Check out our vast and growing article database on everything from historical Trading Routes, to Spoliation Claims, to Cartography!

Sailing Simulator
Learn some common sailing maneuvers using our online Sailing Simulator!
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