A Guide to Tudor
verb conjugation

Confused when to use The/Thou/You/I?

You aren't the only one who has been confused as to how to accurately use these terms.  To help you get your head wrapped around when to use what with which, I have put together a few common usages guides for Tudor era pronouns.

am art is
do dost doth
go goest goeth
know knowest knoweth
can canst can

would wilt will
could shalt could
should couldst should
has hast have

When should you use "THE"?

Usually used for addressing equal rank and friends.

When should you use "THOU"?

Usually used for addressing those elevated to your station.

When should you use "YOU"?

All senses except respectful.

Use Case Examples

The Baker says to the Smithy, "Is thee in good fettle today, Jack?"

The Smithy replies, "Am as fit as a fiddle. How 'bout yourself?"

The Baker to the Magistrate, "Art. thou in good fettle today, your worship?"

Magistrate replies, ''Yes, indeed, Master Baker, and fair thee?"

The Baker says to the Peasant Boy, "Are ya in good fettle today, me lad?"

The Peasant Boy replies, "Why I be champion. How be yourself?"

The Cooper asks the Fisherman, "Has the been intí pub all day?"

The Fisherman replies, ''No me old mate, just all day yesterday, last night and part of today!"

The Cooper asks the Magistrate, "Hast thou seen the fisherman lists to starboard, your worship?"

Magistrate says, '''The Fisherman does not concern me, but the poor woman yonder is trying to get sane water from the well. The Fisherman just fell into it and he won't let go of the bucket."

The woman could shout down the well, ''Have ya given leave of your senses man? Let go of the bucket and climb out before it clouts ya on your daft bonce!"

Abbreviation Meaning Example of proper usage


got to

I've gotta have something to eat.


had (have) to

I hatta get to the pub before I die of thirst.


In the

Int' the oven you'll find some stotty cakes.


On top of

On't mantelpiece you'll find me gloves.


It is not

'Tisn't opening time. That's why we cannot get into
the pub.


It will not

'Twon't be long before it opens, Jimmy.


Will not

Won't be soon enough for me, Tommy.

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