Useful Non-English
Conversational Phrases

Add some depth to your character with these

Below are some useful phrases that you can use to add some additional depth while in character.  Even if you may not be fluent in French or Latin or Gaelic, just dropping a couple of these in passing can easily give the impression that you are.


Especially good for use around the court, and impressing people
(which was basically the only function of the court anyway.)



English Translation




qu'est-ce qu'il se passé

"Kess key suh pass"

What's Happening?

Votre visage ressemble a un champignon

Votruh veezahj rezahmbl ah uhn shampeenyon

Your face resembles a mushroom

Henri VIII a beaucoup de flutes a bec

Ahn-ree wheat ah bow-coo duh floot ah beck

Henry VII has many recorders

Avec quel animal est-ce que vous vous identifier le plus fort?

A-vec kell aneemahl ess kuh voo voo eedehntifay luh ploo four

With which animal do you most strongly identify?

Ma grand tante s'est battu dans la Guerre de Cent Ans

Mah grahnd tahnt say battoo dahn luh gehr duuh sohnt ahn

My great aunt fought in the Hundred Year's War


Good for general all-round usage, as it was most commonly spoken in church.



English Translation

Heus! or Ohe!

heus or ohay


quo tempore est?

kwo temp-or-ay est

what time is it?

Quando prandimus?

Cwando pran-deemus

When is Lunch?

Diabolus me coegit peccare

Dee-abo-lus fake-it, uht id fak-eh-rem

The devil made me do it

Vescere bracis meis

Wes-keree brahk-iss may-iss

Eat my shorts

Vultus natiformis

Woolt-us nati-formis





Irish Gaelic

Good for general usage by any English or Irish persona



English Translation

Dia dhuit

JEE-ah gwitch


Conas ta tu

CUNN-us thaw too

How are you?

Ta tuirse orm

thaw TIRR-shuh UR-um

I am tired

Dean deifir

jane JEFF-er


Cén t-am atá sé anois?

cayn tom ay a-NISH

What time is it now?

Nil fhios agam

nyeel iss UG-um

I don't know

Aithnionn ciarog ciarog eile

AH-nee-un KEER-ohg KEER-ohg ELL-uh

One beetle recognizes another

Gabh mo leithsceal

gow muh LESH-kayl

Excuse me

Dia do bheatha

JEE-ah duh VAH-hah

God bless your life

Slan leat

Slawn laht

Goodbye (to one leaving)

Slan agat

Slawn UG-ut

Goodbye (by one leaving)

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