Web Site Awards

Best of GeoCities!
October, 1996

Best of The Planet!
February, 1997

PointCom's top 5% Award!
May, 1997

May, 1997

August, 1997

Ocober(?), 1997

December, 1997

December, 1997

LA Times' Pick of the Week
February, 1998

March, 1998, 1998

CNN! (Wahoo!)
July, 1998

Does this mean
I'm bursting?
October, 1998

These guys have GREAT graphics!

Links2Go's Key Resource Award!
December, 1998

January, 1999

This was emailed with
no explanation or info...
February, 1999

I have no idea what this means,
but I like it!
February, 1999

Thanks Ravi!
March, 1999

I have to admit, this one
is one of my favorites.
June, 1999

Unique? Kick Ass!
June, 1999

The Silver Graphics Award
September, 1999

"The Dog-Gone Graphics Award"

2001 Golden Web Award
February 2001

Why, Thanks...
June 2001

Isn't that an Oscar?
September, 2001


It was in 2001 that I decided that the Internet as a whole had grown to such a point that web site awards were no longer really relevant, and I stopped updating this page.
Although I am extremely thankful to all of those who took time to send me these and other awards over the years, I will not be updating this page beyond 2001.


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