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Treaty Oak Rum

Category: Silver
Country: Texas, United States
Aged: 2-6 years
Alcohol: 40% (80 proof)
Availability: Limited
Price: $20-$23 (750 mL)
Rating: Five Stars

The Review:
Treaty Oak rum is the first product launched by Graham Barnes Distilling.  Named after the legendary "Treaty Oak" in Austin Texas, it is made with sugar from what the distiller claims to be the last operating sugar mill in Texas.

You'll notice at first sip that this rum is as smooth as it gets.  The distiller achieves this through the use of reflux column stills rather than traditional pot stills to achieve a higher purity and then blend the results with water from the nearby Texas Hill Country before finally filtering it through activated carbon. This rum is truly an artisan spirit.

The resulting nose and flavor notes are crisp, citrusy, with subtle sweet spices. The overall flavor is very subtle, hints of lemon, lime, vanilla and nutmeg may be found on the finish. It is perfect in traditional rum cocktails; it makes a fantastic Mojito, an unbelievable Daiquiri, and can be enjoyed over the rocks as well.

However, the odd thing about Treaty Oak is that even though it is ridiculously good rum, it is also a remarkable substitute in drinks typically made with vodka. The hints of vanilla and fruit come out more and make it a very pleasurable experience. This makes a better Moscow Mule than Iíve ever had with vodka, and my wife loves it in a Cosmo.

I personally mixed some mind blowing Treaty Oak and tonics on our deck last summer, but another crowd favorite has been Treaty Oak with a heavy dash of agave syrup and a half-lime or quarter orange; top with soda water, and you have a most refreshing cocktail.

The distribution is somewhat limted, so if you see a bottle - grab it.

Kudos to Treaty Oak for another USA premium spirit!

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