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Pit˙ Cachaša

Category: Cane, White
Country: Brazil
Aged: None
Alcohol: 40% (80 proof)
Availability: Almost Everywhere
Price: $16-$23 (1 L)
Rating: One Star

The Review:
Pit˙ is the Bacardi (or, considering its likeness to vodka, Smirnoff) of Brazil; standard, cheap, and widely available.  Cachaša is a rum created using pure cane juice with little to no aging. Put these two together and you have an industrially produced and completely unaged rum, that goes down your through like a chainsaw on fire.

The first thing to hit you when you open the bottle is the powerful sting of alcohol.  I am not sure if you can run your car on this stuff, but slap a rag in there and I am pretty certain you'll have yourself an off-the-shelf molotov cocktail. One sniff of this South American moonshine might just make rasins of your eyeballs.

Once the dizziness passes, you begin to notice dominating aromas of corn, tin, and alcohol. Although it's far from smooth, it's not as harsh as the smell would suggest.

There's a good reason cheap cachaša is also known in Brazil as agua que passarinho nŃo bebe, or "water that even birds won't drink." As an ingredient in mixed drinks, it's poor and I really would not recommend it, especially considering the price.

For mixing in caipirinhas, it's barely acceptable but even your local gas station would likely have better options. In the end, Pit˙ is probably best suited for sanitizing wounds and for hurling during civil insurrections.

In other words: AVOID.

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