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Havana Club
Aņejo Blanco

Category: White
Country: Cuba
Aged: Minimum 18 months
Alcohol: 40% (80 proof)
Availability: Outside U.S. Only
Price: US$11 (750 mL) in St. Maarten
Rating: Four and a half Stars

The Review:
The next time you find yourself in the mood for a Mojito, pick up a bottle of Havana Club.

Havana Club is a very smooth and subtly sweet white rum that honors it's Cuban traditions. In my own Mojito recipe I kept the drinks strong, and the rum held up extremely well against the sugar, mint and lime.

Later we had some on the rocks and, if this had been a blind aroma test, I probably would not have guessed that this was a white rum as it lacks a lot of the harsh alcohol aromas generally associated with young rums.

Although white rums aren't typically made to be had over ice, Havana Club adapts well and is smooth, light, and refreshing with a nice balance of sweetness and a mildly appropriate bite. Served alone the rum gives up soft flavors of vanilla and oak, transitioning to a citrus and honey aftertaste. Top it off with some lime juice and a splash of club soda to finish it right.

In the end, this is a great white rum, and incredibly clean and crisp - Perfect for summer nights.  If you find yourself in the right place (i.e., outside the USA) and get the opportunity to try Havana Club, do yourself a favor and try this exceptional rum.

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