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Flor de Caņa Gold

Category: Gold
Country: Nicaragua
Aged: 4 years
Alcohol: 40% (80 proof)
Availability: Almost Everywhere
Price: $13-$16 (750 mL)
Rating: Four stars

The Review:
For only $13 for this bottle this is an outstanding bargain.  Flor de Caņa Gold is an unexpectedly smooth, fairly simple rum. Slightly sweet, not very peppery, small pleasant bite, and maybe a little dry - it's just a generally mellow, simple Gold with a fairly smooth, buttery finish.

It was okay on the rocks, though I prefer Flor de Caņa's Black, Gran Reserva, or Centenario for sipping.

Flor de Caņa Gold as a pretty solid base for a dirty Mojito, but it's also tasty mixed with coke and makes for a classier Cuba Libre than the price range is used to.

For any drink recipes that require gold rum, this guy is a winner. Flor de Caņa Gold won't blow you away, but for the price, it's hard to beat. Not to mention that this is their starting point - their others get incrementally better with age.

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