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Category: Cream
Country: Caribbean
Aged: Unknown, likely none
Alcohol: 15% (30 proof)
Availability: Almost Everywhere
Price: $20-$25 (750 mL)
Rating: Four stars

The Review:
Before someone emails me to correct this, let me set the record straight: Dulseda, like most rum creams, isn't exclusively rum.  Technically, most rum creams are actually made from a "blend of Caribbean rums".  However, there are two basic reasons why I don't care:

  1. I could use the same argument against infused rums.

  2. This stuff is crazy delicious.

Dulseda tastes exactly like you would expect a rum cream to taste like from reading the label on the attractive bottle: Dulce de Leche cream liqueur.

A sweet caramel aroma pulls you in, and every cavity-inducing taste makes you want yet another sip. There's no serious complexity to it - vanilla, cream, caramel, maybe an additional hint of coffee - but its simple creamy richness is good as it gets for rum cream.

Being a mere 30 proof might not get you where you want to be, but try this cocktail, which I call "Three Kings," over the holidays and you're sure to make it an annual tradition:
  • Over ice pour 1-2 parts Dulseda, 1 part gold/dark rum (I like using Brugal Aņejo), 1 part egg nog, and optionally stir in a half-dollop of homemade dulce de leche a top with dash of freshly grated nutmeg.

Happy Holidays!

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