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Doorly's XO

Category: Dark
Country: Barbados
Aged: 10 years
Alcohol: 40% (80 proof)
Availability: Very Limited
Price: US$24 (750 mL) in Barbados
Rating: Four stars

The Review:
Doorly’s XO is easy on the eyes, showing the kind of Deep mahogany amber color that often indicates long barrel aging and complex flavors.

Aromas heavy with molasses, raw cane, brown sugar, cardamom and a pinch of anise, rise above an overall depth that is sweet with a delectable hint of alcohol.

The rum pours with a nice viscosity and has the unmistakable aroma of underlying brandy (or I suppose, sherry).

The initial taste is upbeat, with tamed molasses, tobacco, a little charcoal, and a mild earthiness that balances the sweet flavor. While the body is pleasant enough, it is lighter than the aromas would indicate.

An initial warming in the throat during the finish gives way to a residual sweetness, that ends with a pleasing dry affect.

I also had the pleasure of trying some on the rocks with a splash of club soda, and it was subtly sweet and clean but a bit harsh at first sip. Subsequent sips, though, did get better and better as the melting ice softened the bite. Definite flavors of ripened grape, nut and vanilla.

It took some drinking (and another glass the next day) to truly appreciate it. Overall it's actually a fairly smooth, clean, sweet rum with a long, delicate finish that's not widely available.

Though it works on the rocks, a small splash of water, coke or juice can really bring out and complement the full complexity of this rum. Any more than a splash, however, would be doing yourself a disservice.

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