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Don Q Grand Aņejo Commemorative

Category: Dark
Country: Puerto Rico
Aged: 3-12 years
Alcohol: 40% (80 proof)
Availability: Extremely Limited
Price: $35 in San Juan, P.R. (750 mL)
Rating: Three and a half stars

The Review:
I realize that a great cover does not a great book make, but I would be lying if I said the presentation on this rum is less than impressive.

Don Q Grand Aņejo Commemorative from Serralles distilleries comes beautifully presented in a classy, squared decanter with large glass-topped cork.  It looks as though it should be sitting behind a massive Spanish desk in the hacienda of Don Diego de la Vega (Zorro, for all of you non-swashbucklers out there).

Beyond aesthetics, the rum itself is a dark gold with a light pour and somewhat quick legs. Underneath a strong smell of alcohol, the aroma is slightly sweet and spicy, and initially doesn't even seem very aged.

However, given some time to breathe, brown sugar and an almost fruity molasses drift through with a hint of toasted oak. Alcohol makes the initial taste introduction, followed by molasses, some spiciness, and a faint fruit taste - not defined enough to pinpoint, but it's somewhere between banana and papaya.

Quite dry and surprisingly harsh but it doesn't linger. Overall, it's not very complex.

A few merciful drops of water released some hidden sweetness, as well as tamed some of the heat, making the sipping a bit more palatable. The faint fruit flavor is now closer to banana. It's fairly enjoyable - and preferred - in simple cocktails; the tangy sweetness from splashed citrus juice is particularly appreciated.

In the end Don Q Grand Aņejo Commemorative may be too pricey and difficult to find for what it is, but it's definitely a star attraction on the shelf and not a bad way to celebrate a sunset, or another victory by Zorro over the evil Alcalde.

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