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Captain Morgan's Tattoo Rum

Category: Spiced
Country: Puerto Rico
Aged: Unknown; My guess is 1 year?
Alcohol: 35% (70 proof)
Availability: Everywhere
Price: $14-$18 (750 mL)
Rating: Three and a half stars

As soon as the bottle is opened and Tattoo is poured, there is a noticable aroma of citrus, vanilla, and cherry.

The liquid itself has a dark caramel color with a golden glow. There is a faint taste of general allspice with some warmth but little actual burn in the finish.

This is a rum that was created with the intention of mixing, but truth be told it's not necessary.  Captain Morgan Tattoo is pretty good straight up or just on ice.

If you find rum to be a little harsh to your pallette, try a splash of coke, Dr. Pepper, or orange juice with a squeeze of lime (and/or lemon) makes a nice, easy-drinking cocktail.  Or, replace this in drinks where you use the Captain's original spiced rum for a different twist.

Realistically, I fully expect that this rum will not cater to all tastes.  There are surely rum traditionalists who will consider this too much of a departure, ansd I am usually one of them.  However those who enjoy infused rums will particularly appreciate the flavor and smoothness of this one.

I enjoy it, and would never turn down an open bottle of Captain Morgan Tattoo passed my way.

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