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Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum

Category: Spiced
Puerto Rico
1 year
35% (70 proof)
Availability: Everywhere
Price: $12-$16 (750 mL)
Rating: Three stars

The Review:
Like most folks, the Captain and I go waaaay back. Back before I even knew there was more than one type of rum, I was slugging back this Pirate staple.

Captain Morgan Spiced Rum is a probably the most common non-well Rum in most bars and homes across the world.  It's a versatile, affordable, and easily available option.

The rum itself has a perfect golden hue and it releases a strong, traditional aroma of vanilla and general spice - mostly lots and lots of vanilla.  On the tongue, the rum gives notes of vanilla extract, cinnamon, faint hints of nutmeg, and of course alcohol.

To be fair, Captain Morgan Spiced Rum is moderately harsh going down with a bit of lingering alcohol aftertaste. Neat or on the rocks is not horrible, but not recommended. I have no idea how many gallons I have taken in shots over my younger years, but having expanded my Rum horizons I know cannot enjoy it straight.

However, to most folks this is not a sipping rum. Captain Morgan Spiced is a bonafide mixing rum and like most spiced rums, it simply mellows out and even shines paired with sodas, juices, creams, hot drinks, and frozen drinks.  As I said at the start: this is a very versatile rum.

Personally, I prefer the darker, more robust Captain Morgan Private Stock. But when I'm at a bar with a limited selection, I can always call on some Captain & Coke and everything will be fine. In fact, I usually have a bottle of one or the other on stand-by at home.

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