The Pirate King's Private Stock

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Captain Morgan's Private Stock

Category: Spiced
Country: Puerto Rico
Aged: 1 year
Alcohol: 35% (70 proof)
Availability: Everywhere
Price: $12-$16 (750 mL)
Rating: Four and a half stars

The Review:
Captain Morgan Private Stock and I go way back.  In my stunt man days our crew had a ritual of raising a toast at the end of the day to celebrate pulling off a show without anyone getting hurt. At the time, the shows were primarily Pirate themed, so Captain Morgan Private Stock seemed a perfect choice to celebrate perfection.

Captain Morgan Private Stock is one the most sophisticated rums to come from this long-standing tradition.  Rich, dark and full-bodied, Captain Morgan Private Stock blends hints of secret island spices with a smooth and velvety texture.

One of the best attributes of this rum, is it's suggestive aromas of strong, traditional aroma of vanilla and general spice - mostly lots and lots of vanilla.

Served neat or on the rocks, you cannot go wrong with this rum.  On the tongue, signals of vanilla extract, cinnamon, faint nutmeg, and alcohol rise. Despite these powerful flavors and it's inherent smoothness, be warned that Private Stock has a subtle bite.

The only negative thing I can say about Captain Morgan Private Stock is that they stopped tieing the necks of the bottles with the trademark red and gold cords - those things made great souveniers...

Regardless of whether you are a novice or an connoisseur, this is one of the few rums you should always have on hand.

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