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Brugal Añejo

Category: Gold
Country: Dominican Republic
Aged: 2-6 years
Alcohol: 40% (80 proof)
Availability: Limited
Price: $13-$18 (750 mL)
Rating: Three and a half stars

The Review:
All bottles of Brugal Añejo rum come encased in a thin braided and crosshatched yellow rope, which gives it a unique and appropriate touch of mystery.

The deep amber-colored spirit is very woody on the nose, with touches of vanilla and chocolate hiding behind the oak.  The rum pours with fair weight and has a medium amber color.  At first sip there appears to be some alcoholic heat that quickly fades.

The bite is very present when sipped neat but somewhat softened when on ice, which releases a faint buttery taste.  It has a very full, grippy mouthfeel full of wood tannins. It finishes moderately long with notes of oak, spice and some subtle sweetness. It's a little too dry, but overall this is a good rum. It can be enjoyed on the rocks or mixed with coke or other liqueurs.

The Brugal Añejo is a pretty decent rum, but the wood notes are pervasive and dominate the flavor. There’s enough sweetness to keep the rum from being one-note, but its woody taste and dry, tannic mouth feel beg for some touches of molasses or sugar cane.

That said, for about $20, the Brugal Añejo is a really good bargain for an aged rum, and its taste is certainly more interesting than some common anejos in its price range.

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