SCUBA Expeditions

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I know its "wrong", but signs like this only encourage me to go diving...

Keep your arms and legs in the cage at all times

This is how they show you that they like you. Really.

At this point I began to wish I had stayed in the shark cage...

An artificial reef sunk by the awesome folks at the U.S. Coast Guard

There's always something very Zen about a growth of coral

I don't care what you say, underwater overhangs really give me the heebie-jeebies.

Another awesome reef

Deep in the heart of a Kelp forest


I'm pretty sure Skates are safe, but don't poke it.

Now its just showing off.

These skates constantly redefine the word "graceful".

It Never Fails: Offer one beer to one person, and all the mooches in the ocean come flying at ya.

A new younger skate has joined us

After awhile it got a little braver and came closer.

Relax - Its only a nurse shark.

Still, it's a little disconcerting when they come so close.

And here's the shot for the Post-Card...

Our ascent line back to the boat.

From a mixed gas dive (440 feet down)

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