New Year's Eve
Key West, Florida

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I like some privacy when I'm on the phone, no matter how precarious.

1,800 Miles later, this is how you know you're finally made it to Key West...

A pirate Santa Claus! Only in Key West...

Anyone care to hug Blackbeard? I thought not.

I don't know who's boat this is, but I'm about to pass out on it.

Gimme Rum, Damye!

Kenny tempts fate, too

Enjoying a Miami Vice moment on someone else's Corvette.

This thing marks the southernmost tip of the U.S.A.

LOL, Everyone wants to be the Pirate King....

Me (Stuck), Melissa, Renee and Kenny

Suddenly, the Pirate King seized the wheel!

Trying on a Mark V diving helmet for size

Proof that you should never get a white Tux without first getting a decent base tan. I have no idea what I was thinking.

Strutting my Tux for the ladies Poolside.

AAAH! Prom photo flashbacks!

World Famous Sloppy Joe's Bar, all decked out for the Millennium!

Over 250,000 people gathered around Sloppy Joe's waiting for midnight.

Flying out on a day trip out to see the old fort on the Dry Tortugas.

The waters of Paradise

Someday, my dream house will have a lawn like this.

Looking out one of the Fort's windows

One of the outer hallways of the Fort

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