Expedition to Eqypt
& the Red Sea

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A photo of me in front of our Base Camp near Sadana Island

Some Bedoans I met on the way to Luxor

Our Team relaxing with Stella Beer. Stella Motto: "What does not kill us; Makes us stronger"

I pretended to be a guest and snuck into a high-priced Egyptian Hilton to cool off in their air-conditioning for few minutes.

Collossus' at Amemnon - About forty feet tall and roughly 4000 years old.

Looking directly out the front of my tent...

Queen Hatchepsut's Temple. Absolutely incredible place...

Our team's awesome 1972 Land Rover

We're Lost. In the Desert. Again. We're going to Die.

Riding by a Mosque while atop our Land Rover

While waiting for post-dive nitrogen to dissipate, I built a kite out of drift wood and duct tape. MacGyver Rules!

It's 120 Degrees! AAAAAGH!

Another shot of our base camp, with Sadana Island shown in the foreground.

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