Climbing Expeditions

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Put down the camera and help me!

Nothing sucks more than
climbing freezing cold granite

Welcome to Capitol Rock.  Pack light!

Unfortunately, this is what I mean by "packing light."

We are totally lost - If you are reading this, please call a Park Ranger immediately!

Three days later and still going...

Gunther shows us all how it's done!

Time for a nap.  Wake me in an hour.

Best I can guess, it was somewhere on the north face when the car keys fell out.  Badddd day.

Is it just me, or are we getting closer to those airplanes?.

Quit staring at my butt - It just demeans us both.

Never ever look down like this while climbing.


Jeff is trying to conquer his fear of free-hanging.

Check out that wind!


Jeff's backpack looks like a giant roll-on deodorant, but try not to mention it.  Apparently he doesn't think its as funny asthe rest of us.

Tom slips and misses a handhold.  This is why you never go cheap when buying your climbing rope.

Note to self: It gets dark really fast on a cliff face...

Nothing easy is ever worth doing!

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