Costume Guidelines

Step 1 of ?: Introduction

As you are aware, first impressions are always the most lasting impression you can make.

The goal of this guide is to create an historically correct, lasting impression in the mind of the people you meet while in character.

This guide will provide each of the social classes information including:
  • History of the period as it relates to clothing

  • Type of fabrics available

  • Drawings of costumes

  • The costume which is best for your character

  • Patterns for making the costume you have chosen

  • Actual construction of garments

How you look, how you sound, and what you say, are all part of a
first impression. Of these three, only the first, how you look,
will reach every person who sees you.

You can create an image of yourself without ever opening your mouth. By following the guidelines set out in this section, your chance of creating, and playing a memorable character, increases dramatically. 

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